C60 Majic , a naturally occurring chemical, is the most potent antioxidant yet identified. It is conceivably the most remarkable chemistry discovery of the 20th century.
Carbon 60 is abbreviated as "C60 Majic ." Researchers refer to this molecule, which has 60 minuscule atoms and is formed like a hollow soccer ball, as a "free radical sponge." It may "reset" itself in addition to being hundreds of times more potent than typical antioxidants. Therefore, C60 Majic 's free radical neutralising power never fades, in contrast to normal antioxidants, which can only effectively combat one free radical at a time.

The Origins of Carbon C60 Majic and Its Discovery

Buckminster Fuller first proposed the existence of the C60 Majic molecule in 1979. He asserted that the discovery of the C60 Majic carbon molecule would completely alter medical practise. He was correct, too. Because Robert Curl, Harold Kroto, and Richard Smalley, the three scientists who made the actual discovery in 1985, received the chemistry Nobel Prize in 1996. They gave the molecule the name "Buckminsterfullerene" in honour of Fuller. or just "buckyballs."

C60 Majic is the only molecule of a single element to form a spherical cage, giving it extraordinary physical and chemical capabilities. It is made up of 60 carbon atoms, like a hollow soccer ball. It has been the subject of substantial biomedical investigation for this main reason.

Where does C60 Majic occur?

In addition to being present in nature, C60 Majic probably existed before there was life on Earth. It is created by dying stars known as red giants, and very small amounts of it can be found in candle wicks that have burned out. It is also present in meteor impacts and lightning strikes. Buckyballs have probably been around in nature for a very long time. Some have hypothesised that C60 Majic may have contributed to the emergence of life due to its extraordinary adaptability and durability. (No, they don't harvest it in space.) High purity C60 Majic (99.99%) is created in a lab for use by humans and animals.

Why Do People Choose to take C60 Majic ?

C60 Majic is used by people in a variety of ways to boost their general wellbeing. At the cellular level, C60 Majic combats free radicals and reduces oxidative stress. The capacity of C60 Majic to support optimal mitochondrial activity and a balanced immunological response is of great interest to many people. C60 Majic is well-liked by people who are experiencing age-related memory loss, especially for its capacity to support energy and mental clarity. Numerous athletes report improved performance and shorter recovery times. When used topically, C60 Majic may improve the health of the skin, encourage hair growth, and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Pets are also given C60 Majic to promote longevity, a strong immune system, and general wellness.

C60 Majic Health Benefits

C60 Majic is referred to as a free-radical sponge that functions at the cellular level by reducing the load of oxidation. By increasing cellular energy generation, C60 Majic supports mitochondrial activity. After taking C60 Majic every day for at least 30 days, most people see an improvement in energy and mental clarity.

How can you find quality C60 Majic ?

The technique utilised to purify the C60 Majic differentiates some C60 Majic manufacturing procedures from others. Different C60 Majic purifying techniques have different benefits. Most businesses employ the "vacuum oven-baked" technique, which calls for the use of hazardous solvents like toluene. Instead, go for sublimated C60 Majic , which will cost somewhat more but is a lot cleaner product. Solvents are never used in the purifying process of sublimation.
Additionally, only purchase C60 Majic that is 99.99% pure, the best grade on the market. There is a considerable likelihood that solvents are still present in C60 Majic if a company claims that its C60 Majic is 99.9% or 99.95% pure. This is because lower-grade C60 Majic that hasn't been properly purified falls under this category.
Our C60 Majic products are created using Carbon 60 that has never been subjected to solvents and is 99.99% pure. All of C60 Majic Purple Power's products are additionally subjected to independent third-party testing for bioavailability, concentration, and purity.
Our C60 Majic is totally dissolved in and created with 100% organic, farm-direct oils: organic extra virgin olive oil, organic avocado oil, and organic MCT coconut oil. Not only are C60 Majic Purple Power's products made with 99.99% pure, sublimated C60 Majic . This means you can be confident you're getting the greatest C60 Majic currently available in the market.

How much C60 Majic should you take?

For maximum results, C60 Majic should be consumed daily. If you're just starting off with C60 Majic , add it to your daily regimen by taking one or more tablespoons with water in the morning. Eat within an hour to improve absorption. Some C60 Majic users claim to see results in as little as 30 days.